Female voice over artist Mary Ellen Whitaker has had a strong interest in self-expression since she got her first singing gig at age seven. She holds a BS in Television Production/Speech & Theatre, and has been performing voiceovers for over twenty years.

  Her many clients include audio producers, television and radio stations, multimedia development houses and major corporations--virtually any business requiring female voiceover narration. She is also a singer and has studied and performed a broad range of music, including American standards, classical arias, and commercial jingles.

In addition to her career as a voiceover artist, Mary Ellen is also a writer. She has written documentary scripts, multimedia products, magazine articles, and fiction.

Whether performing a voice over for a radio spot, doing character voices for a children’s educational program, writing training materials for a Fortune 500 company, or creating a work of fiction, it is Mary Ellen’s goal to bring the right voice to every one of her projects.

Mary Ellen lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts.