Mary Ellen Whitaker Script Preparation Services
Every successful production starts with a good script. Because of her years of experience as both a media writer and a voiceover talent, Mary Ellen Whitaker can help develop your script so that it speaks directly to your audience. Whether you need a script for a multi-module training course, a sixty-second radio spot or a documentary film, Mary Ellen can provide:

Writing Services
Some scripts should be conversational and accessible to the listener. Some are geared toward specialized audiences, requiring industry-specific technical terminology. Others need to convey information through stories and characters. No matter what your needs, Mary Ellen can write a script that does justice to both your information and your audience.

Rewriting Services
You may already have a script but feel it needs a little help. Sometimes subject matter experts who write scripts or storyboards understand their information but not how to convey it. Mary Ellen can take your existing script and transform it so that it has the right style and tone and speaks the same language as your target audience.

Editing Services
Perhaps you're already happy with your script, but you're too close to it to recognize typographical or grammatical errors or the fact that you use the word "however" much too often. Mary Ellen can look at your script with fresh eyes, correcting any mistakes before you go into the studio to record.

Formatting Services
Audio scripts need to be formatted properly so that the voice talent and the audio engineer can read the copy easily. Each recording facility sometimes has its own preferences and requirements for script formats. In addition, audio files must be appropriately named so that sound editors will have no problems during the editing process. Mary Ellen can work with you and your recording facility to make sure your script is formatted in a way that makes everyone's job much easier.

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